Thursday, January 20, 2005

Thank you, for nothing

Open letter from 17 years old Nofa Khadduri - an Iraqi girl - to President Bush

Thank you, for nothing.
So, Mr. President, you said what? “There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq”?
Huh? Funny thing you decided to mention that now.
It took you how long to admit this? Too long.
This confession of a big lie that you and your government bestowed upon us, the people, and the rest of the world came a little too late.
If you had told us this earlier, perhaps over a 1, 500 American soldiers would still be alive.
Perhaps that many young Americans would not have had to give up their lives and defend their country for a false cause.
If you, Mr. President, had told us this earlier, there would not be so many ash burned neighborhoods in Iraq. Cities in Iraq would not reek of death from your bombs.
There would not be so many wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and children crying for their beloved ones.
There might have been a few that cried under the old regime, it is true. But, you, you made that number multiply by so many; even count lost its place.
But you don’t care. You didn’t have to count the dead or collect their bodies, or even search through the rubble for someone that you might love.
Maybe, if you had remembered to mention that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction since I don’t know, let’s say 1991, when you found out that Iraq had no capability of producing such ugly weapons; the world would be a safer place.
But no, you decided to keep that little secret to yourself.
You decided to sit back and watch as Iraq tumbles and the souls of the dead rise. You sat back and watched as your own people gave up their lives, for a country – whose reputation, you have tainted.
So, thank you. Thank you for being so considerate. Thank you for the partial truth you have given us, and for all the pain and ache you caused Iraqis all around the world. Not to mention the pain and the efforts of the nations around the world that tried to help us, but which you shut down and ignored over and over again.
Please, don’t take this personally, but in all honesty, if you are asking us “Isn’t the world a safer place without Saddam?” think again, because you have got the wrong person Mr. President.
The world would be safer without you too, and the likes of you.
PS :
The new equation: September 11th + x (where x = whatever we say) = SHUT UP


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